Worth it investment?

A lot of new defi project coming out on the market, which coin do you think will last on the market in terms of its price and development? Will they be a hot gem on Uniswap for a long time?

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I’m skeptical :slight_smile: Who can guarantee something?

Let me know when you find a crypto project which offers guarantees :slightly_smiling_face:

There are no guarantees ever haha! Got to believe in the vision, invest and buy more on dips!

I found a hidden gem FFYI , slowly but they are working properly & I think they have big movement coming in that we will surely surprise .

I’ve seen ffyi as well was monitoring it for the past couple of days now. Lot of people have gained profit with its price swing

I think some of the defi project that are comin g out has no long term plan and some only last for a day some are rug pull. Seems like ffyi si a breath of fresh air in the defi project. being underated helps in maintaining a good price. Its fluctuating but still it do bounce back